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Community Involvement


Volunteering to Vaccinate the Snoqualmie Community

Husband and wife duo volunteering for mass covid vaccination for the community at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital

Activities drive for Skilled Nursing facilities and Echo Glen

Organized an activity drive in Snoqualmie during covid. Collected donations from the community for various activities during Covid lockdown. Delivered to Echo Glen Juvenile detention center, North bend Regency nursing home and Issaquah Nursing and rehab along with hand written cards from the children. 


Volunteering to teach dance to the youth in Snoqualmie

Volunteering to teach dance to children and women for Snoqualmie Bharat Association's Diwali function

Donation collection

Collecting donations for both Syrian refugees and to send to the underserved in India, then helping to sort and load for shipment. 


Youth Camp Physician

Volunteering for a 5 day youth camp as their camp physician


King County Medical Society Delegate 

King County Medical Society Delegate advocating for healthcare policy and reform.

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