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Your voice, Your vision, Your future

My priorities

1. Youth and safety is one of my top priorities. Focus on preventative measures and target the younger generation to avoid future crime. I would also like to see a youth advisory committee who engages regularly with our City Council, there are many issues that children are dealing with that are not being brought to the forefront and they need a voice as they are the future of our city and we need to involve them in civic engagement.


There is a lack of indoor activities in Snoqualmie for our youth. With our harsh and long winters our children do not have anywhere they can spend their after school time. We need to focus on indoor activities that are accessible and affordable to all. Our children have less advantage than surrounding areas when it comes to sports, many times games and practices are canceled due to the weather. We need Indoor recreation/sports arena which has numerous benefits including health, wellness, skill development and through rentals and tournaments will bring in year around customers to our businesses without affecting our small home town feel or depleting our natural resources. 


2. As a physician I am passionate about public health and access to healthcare and behavioral health services. We need to work on more robust primary, preventative and woman's health as well as solutions to our behavioral health needs.  We need more focus on human services. 

3. Our seniors need to be able to age in place here in Snoqualmie with better access to healthcare, caregivers, home health therapy and more exemptions from increase taxes due to living on a fixed income. We also need to think about affordable housing that they can afford with overall rise in cost of living. 

4. I would like to come up with innovative ideas to help our small businesses thrive and increase our economic vibrancy, such as tourism through city hosted events during the winter months. We also need to look at smart affordable housing options for our workforce and business owners. 

5. It is very important that we work on ways to increase community engagement and have each and everyone's voices and concerns heard and addressed. 

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